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Director:  Lyra McGirk


Medical Lake Endeavors serves students, ages 14-21, wishing to receive high school credit. At this time, approximately 40 students from the Medical Lake and surrounding communities are being served.


All students have individual Written Student Learning Plans which focus on the curriculum they need. Students have the opportunity to study using traditional methods or through computer programs and on-line learning on either Chromebooks or desktop computers.  Schedules vary according to student need, which accommodates a variety of students, such as students with children; students who are working full time; dual enrolled students attending Running Start, Newtech, or Medical Lake High School; and students wishing to attend full time. Monthly conferences enable  parents, students, and staff to track progress closely.


Students attending our school find a friendly, home-like atmosphere with a warm, knowledgeable staff.



Freshmen and Sophomores: 

Walkers:  Monday and Wednesday AM, Tuesday and Thursday PM, Friday by appt.

Bussers:  Mondays and Wednesdays, all day.

Juniors and Seniors: 

Walkers:  Monday and Wednesday PM, Tuesday and Thursday AM, Friday by appt.

Bussers:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, all day 





317 N Broad St

Medical Lake, WA  99022




(509) 565-3141




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